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2018/2019--AMSTI Science at PGES

Exciting news about science instruction at PGES. The faculy and staff completed year 2 of science training in June 2018 with the Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI). We are now a fully trained AMSTI (science) school. 

Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Holmes, Ms.Hubbard, Mrs. Farr, Mrs. Turner, Mr. Bedford , Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Goggans and even Mr. D attended multiple days of training at Jacksonville High School.

Just like last year, in partnership with the Cleburne County High School Science Department, PGES will continue to have science lab materials (and a dedicated lab) to borrow from to support the training that all science teachers at PGES completed in June 2018. 

Also this summer, over $2,000 dollars has been spent  to improve our science lab and will be used to set up the science "kits"  we will receive (from AMSTI)  this school year as well as supportive lab materials that CCHS has graciously allowed us access to use.

Mrs.Brittany Williamson ( who will teach science to grades 4,5, and 6 this year) will be our liaison with CCHS and will support PGES teachers with lab set up and materials. 

Please contact Mr. Dasinger if you have any questions and thanks CCHS.  

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