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GOOD MORNING!!          This first week of school has been fabulous for the most part! We have the best 2nd graders yet: they are smart, creative, talkative (which is a good thing when I ask questions), motivated, and pretty hilarious at times! They have already stole my heart and for that I am excited to watch them learn and grow!   The kids probably have come home and said that we haven't had time for station time just yet, but we can assure you we will get to that point eventually! We are all having to revise our schedules so we can focus on the reading curriculum and math curriculum. After routines are set in stone then everything will go a lot more smooth in our classroom!  Some of you had questions on homework: We want to kids to master routines and procedures before sending home homework. **We will try to get everything completed in class and try not to give a lot of homework most days. - Reading: homework is to study over the week: essential question, vocabulary, story, strategies, and skills  **We didn't write the page numbers on Monday but I will be sure to do that starting next Monday!  *Reading test are always on Friday  -Math: if we have homework don't panic when you look at it. It is different, but it's wonderful for the students to learn how  numbers work together and why.   - Spelling: homework is to study however your child learns:    1. Parent call out: parents says a word, the child spells it back to them as they are riding down   2. Writing all of the spelling words 5-10 times each   3. Taking practice test every night:   (5 words the 1st night,  add on 5 more words the 2nd night, then add on 5 more words the 3rd night)    *Spelling test are always on Thursday *****We have tentative field trips planned: #1.          WHEN: Friday, October 30th                                             #2.          WHEN: January                 TIME: 11:00                                                                                          TIME: Morning                 WHERE: Bennett's Pumpkin Patch                                                    WHERE: McWayne Center in Birmingham                 STUDENT PRICE: $10.00 (bringing a pumpkin home)                     *MORE DETAILS TO COME ADULT PRICE: $5.00 *****Behavior: Individual- Sticky Notes: when caught with great behavior that child gets to write their name on a "sticky note" and place it in the jar. When they write their name two times on the sticky notes they will "clip up" on the behavior chart!! The more times their name is in the jar, the more chances they will have when I draw 3 names out of the jar for prizes on Fridays!!!! Strikes: when caught with not so great behavior that child gets a strike by their name in the grade book. When they get 3 strikes, they "clip down" on the behavior chart. They can always clip back up when they get caught with great behavior 2 times and write their names on sticky notes. Classroom- We have started the CLASS CHAIN- "We work as a team, we each use our brain.... That's how we earn links to our chain. And when the chain and sink do meet, the whole class earns a special treat!!!" How to earn a chain: 1. When other teachers brag on the class for anything! 2. When Mr. D brags on our class we get 2 chains! 3. On Friday's if the class beats me during our Teacher vs. Students game.   Teacher vs. Student Game: when I catch the students as a whole group with great behavior I give them a tally mark, when I have to repeat myself over and over then I get a tally mark. At the end of the week we count the tallies to see who wins. If the students win they get a chain link, if I win I take away a chain link. ***This kind of information is posted and will be posted on our classroom blog. Be sure to check it out weekly for updates and information! Thank you for sharing your child with us, Stacey Kennedy Allie Goggans  
Posted by skennedy  On Aug 14, 2015 at 12:55 PM